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​Capital III is an impact investing enterprise focused on creating Economic, Social, and Spiritual Capital in private companies.

Located in the Wichita, Kansas metro area, Capital III provides a triple bottom line approach to investments in manufacturing, real estate, energy, and education with a geographical focus on the U.S. and Latin America.  

Economic Capital is created through investments in manufacturing, energy, and real estate. Social and Spiritual Capital is created by leveraging the economic platform into venues including private education, prisons and third world countries that all work in concert to achieve a virtuous, values-driven stewardship enterprise.

We Believe

The greatest problem in the world is poverty; economic, social, and spiritual poverty.  Poverty best alleviated by investing in excess wealth, which we call capital: Economic, Social, and Spiritual Capital.   Economic Capital is material wealth derived from a free market, private property, and individual rights.  Social Capital is the benefit derived by a group of like-minded people pursuing the common good.  It is what the founders of our country meant by our right to have “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.  It is all the things money can’t buy, including relationships, happiness, and self-governance.  Spiritual Capital is simply the Moral Code by which we live.  It is an understanding of right and wrong and it is best exemplified by God’s commandments to us:  Don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t cheat, love your neighbor as yourself, and love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul.

We believe the best way to eliminate poverty is the transformative approach of using business as the platform to create Economic, Social, and Spiritual Capital.  Each of the three forms of capitalism depends on each other.  Free market capitalism without a moral code results in greed.  Government without a moral code results in totalitarianism.  Ministry without economic sustainability is not viable.   Business without relationships will struggle to survive.  Sheer materialism will suck the life out of the human heart.  Communities will cease to be places of safety and vibrancy without loving our neighbor as ourselves.   Good jobs are essential for families and communities to work in concert with each other and promote the common good. 

Capital III is dedicated to this end and strives to create this symbiotic and dynamic balance between economic, social, and spiritual capital that is essential for strong families, vibrant churches, ethical businesses, and limited government

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