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Making an Impact

Capital III is investing in the lives of inmates in the Hutchinson Correctional Facility, a state prison in Kansas.  Watch the short videos below to learn more.

Pete and Debbie Ochs - Jailhouse Generosity

Pete and Debbie Ochs may look like the typical American couple, but their lives are anything but common. Having seen generosity modeled growing up, they purposed to be as successful as possible so their 10% for God could be a big number. They also had big plans for the other 90% until God took hold of their hearts. After 15 years on this generosity journey, they are challenging their faith by sharing more than money with local inmates who are proving that the power of generosity can change lives and our world.

Watch a story of business transformation

What do you get when you put a manufacturing business inside the walls of a maximum-security prison and pay those employees fair-market wages? Well, when you add the Enterprise Stewardship business model and teach those employees to love their Purpose, live with Passion, and leverage their Platform you get transformed lives and success beyond what you could have imagined. Learn more about the journey by watching this documentary.

Inmate Confesses God's Love at Seat King

Brad is a TUMI student who has been incarcerated for 12 years at Hutchinson Correctional Facility in Kansas. Watch as Brad shares what is on his heart to those on the "outside." Special thanks to Warden Sam Cline for filming permission and also allowing the TUMI curriculum behind bars. 

The Urban Ministry Institute - TUMI
First Warden Allows
TUMI in Prison

Over 1,000 men and women have now gone through the TUMI program while incarcerated. This is all due to Warden Cline and his vision to see inmates grow, learn and re-enter society prepared to be leaders. Thank you to those involved in Prison Fellowship, SIAFU training homes and other organizations that ministry to future pastors and leaders behind bars.

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