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Our Values

Values Framework

Our values framework is
the model by which we create economic, social
and spiritual capital.

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The way we do business is defined by
four essential values.
Honor God 

Our core business philosophy is based on biblical principles. One cannot steward a virtuous enterprise without the understanding that we are working and living for something greater than just self. For us, that is a personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe. This essential value, honoring God, allows us to become people of great character and define, with great integrity, the principles in our enterprises.

Serve People

Jesus modeled sacrificial service to people. We are called to imitate Jesus. Serving requires connection with the people we strive to love as we love ourselves.

Pursue Excellence

Excellence honors God and inspires human beings. The pursuit of excellence is driven by great competence, particularly in the products our companies provide.

Steward Capital

Stewardship is the understanding that we are simply managing our God-given time, talent, treasures, and tribe during this brief time on earth. True stewardship can only happen with a faithful, unwavering commitment to managing the profit entrusted to you. 

Our goal is to honor God 
through serving people,
pursuing excellence, 
and stewarding capital
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